Thursday, August 11, 2016

Thailand Planning

Part of some changes coming to this site is travel planning. I am in the process of planning a trip to Thailand with a close friend. I want to share the tips and tricks I have learned in finding cheaper ways to travel. I will be sharing all the steps of the process after I finish my trip, including my budget for the trip and exactly what I spent on each part of the trip.

As for the trip itself; My friend and I will be spending a week in Koh Tao, getting our OW Scuba diving certification as well as enjoying yoga and massages between dive trips. The accomodations and scuba cert around around 300$ together, and the yoga and massages will be seperate. The plane flight is the most expensive aspect of the trip- but I am looking into opening a credit card with a sign on bonus for flight mileage to pay for part of the trip. I will be writing a full post on that closer to time. But I will also be posting some ideas and things to do in Thailand that friends have shared with me from where they traveled there. Also, I will be sharing the place I am staying because I feel like it's a total steal of a deal!

If this sort of thing interests you let me know. I have more out of country travels planned, and probably some guides around visiting those countries as well as how to afford it.