Sunday, April 23, 2017

Fighting the post-travel blues

You spent a few weeks, maybe a few months in paradise.
Everything was beautiful, perfect..

it was an experience you'll never forget.

How do you readjust to the concrete jungle of big city life again?
I think we've all come to that particular issue.

I hear it among my traveling friends a lot, so I want to share how I avoid the depression of post-travel.

I choose to find the magic and awe of where I am.
If I'm unfamiliar with that, I do what I would do if I was overseas.

I go to Dr. Google and ask where are the most "need to see" waterfalls in my area.
I make weekend trips to see the beauty of my home area.

I spend time meditating in nature and grounding back to myself.

Another step I take is to recreate habits I made that I loved while on vacation.

In Koh Tao I had found a fruit stand that made the best fruit smoothies I'd ever tried. So I recreated the morning smoothies I became accustomed to while overseas.

I take things to extremes, so I even hang my clothes to dry outside so I can recreate the mundane tasks of being overseas as well.
Sometimes I take cold showers, because we didn't have hot water when I was in Koh Tao.
Little things brought me joy.
Simplicity brings me joy.

What do you do to settle back in once you're home again?