Sunday, October 6, 2013

In the beginning

All stories begin somewhere. Mine began the day I bought my escape vehicle- Beastie. She is a 1994 Dodge BRam250, we crossed paths on a fateful day in 2013..

I have added a picture of the outside, and of the "bed" I've made out of the passenger seat. The van itself is a mess because I'm still disorganized and getting things sold and moved around so that I can create more room. Yes, I am a packrat. I am trying to downsize so I'm not one anymore. It's hard to downsize the contents of an entire apartment into a van. It's taking me a bit. When I have a properly organized setup on the inside, I'll take pictures of it. Converting a van into a camper is hard work! But, with all the work time I put in during the "busy christmas season" I often find myself only having 4 hours between shifts. So the "bed" in the front is my home away from home where I sleep inbetween shifts in the parking lot of the warehouse I work at.