Sunday, October 6, 2013

In the beginning

All stories begin somewhere. Mine began the day I bought my escape vehicle- Beastie. She is a 1994 Dodge BRam250, we crossed paths on a fateful day in 2013..

I have added a picture of the outside, and of the "bed" I've made out of the passenger seat. The van itself is a mess because I'm still disorganized and getting things sold and moved around so that I can create more room. Yes, I am a packrat. I am trying to downsize so I'm not one anymore. It's hard to downsize the contents of an entire apartment into a van. It's taking me a bit. When I have a properly organized setup on the inside, I'll take pictures of it. Converting a van into a camper is hard work! But, with all the work time I put in during the "busy christmas season" I often find myself only having 4 hours between shifts. So the "bed" in the front is my home away from home where I sleep inbetween shifts in the parking lot of the warehouse I work at.


  1. "It's hard to downsize the contents of an entire apartment into a van."

    It might help the process to think of it as going camping full time instead of trying to take as much of your former apartment dwelling life with you as you can. What do you need to survive? Get that sorted out first, then add the things that will make life comfortable and that will add joy.

  2. This is very true. Practicing before hand by just going out camping often helps too!