Saturday, August 16, 2014

Visiting the Northeast

I just got back from a trip to the Northeast, specifically Springfield/Holyoke area in Massachusetts. Let me just tell you, I loved it! I'm thinking of moving there next. They have beautiful state parks and all the restaurants are big into local food. They buy most of the products they sell from local farmers. It's a green/local movement to keep it in town and stimulate the economy where it counts, right at home! They had a lovely farmers market downtown that I went to, with fantastic bread (squash and zucchini bread was the best!). I noticed that a lot of places there are dog friendly too, and you can walk just about anywhere...lots of bike access too! I really enjoyed it there. Monday I arrived and spent the night settling in.

Tuesday I visited the farmer market and had some local dining. I also visited small shops and a book store where I found two of the best books! One is history for women about world culture and civilization, the other is a history of symbolism in all cultures, dating back to Sumerian time.

 Pretty neat! Both were only 15$ together, and they were HUGE books. Here, they would've cost 20$+ at a used book store. Gas and living price in general is much more expensive there but you tend to walk more so I guess it makes up for it. Wednesday I got some reading done and visited my sister's high priestess to introduce myself and learn a bit about the culture and history of Springfield and the northeast in general.

Thursday I hit the state park, Mt. Tom, and hiked 5 miles. Talk about sore the next day! I was overzealous and got lost on the trail. I managed to get some beautiful shots though.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Storms bring a beautiful sunrise

A full rainbow after one of our worst storms!

I have mentioned before that where I work is basically a 10x10 glass box, with windows on all sides. I have my little desk area and some home comfort things such as a fridge, microwave, and a coffee maker. The glass box aspect makes for things to be pretty frightening during large storms with a lot of lightning. I have learned to enjoy the sound and the rain though.

A little half rainbow, almost not visible. It is to the left side.

I am in tune with nature, I like to think, and I enjoy everything about Her. The rain, the smell of ozone, and the brilliant flashes of lightning during storms. I also love the roll of thunder. It is all very peaceful to me, and I get to observe it all from the shelter of my box at work. We have had many storms this past two weeks, and I find comfort that I have everything I need in my van (only about 20 feet from my box I work in).

So many pretty colors after a storm!

What I do love the most, is that it seems every storm has brought a gorgeous sunset. I have been taking pictures of them and just reveling in the colors. A couple of the storms have even brought full rainbows.

This night in particular, the sky change deeper before it got a lighter pink. You can see my van and my best friend's truck here!
Later from the first picture, the sky kept changing!
After a storm passed, I loved this picture! (And of course, it's right over my van!)
With all the storms has come the behaviour of the animals. All the crows in our area get low to the ground when the storms are getting ready to come in. We have a resident red tail hawk, raven, several crows, a mother coyote and her pups, and many MANY deer. I have started feeding the raven cherries, orange slices, bits of white bread, and lemon slices. (Mostly whatever I'm eating, which happens to be a lot of fruit) He has become very friendly and hangs out right outside the guard shack waiting on me now. Right before storms he comes and sits under the wing of my little box to keep dry! We have named him Koga.
My raven, Koga.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Just touching base

I haven't had a lot of time on my hands this last week. A friend came to stay from California and I've been all over the place! But I thought I'd just write a "thoughtful" for today.

My favorite hiking spot. The creek was a bit high this week. And that current in the middle doesn't look strong, but boy it is!

My city is beautiful. There is a wonderful river and mountains with hiking trails. It's all very scenic and lovely. I've been getting back to local things. Eating at non chain restaurants and enjoying my benefits of being in this city. A nice trip to the creek with my girl Lexi and my friend have been very relaxing for me. 

Lexi always enjoys a nice day of swimming and water fetch.

I think this is the ideal city for anyone wanting both city benefits and rural beauty.
I can hit my gym anytime 24/7, work in a non stressed environment with very little supervision, go to a hiking trail within 30 minutes driving distance and spend the day there...

I get great sunset views from work! Especially since I'm in a big glass box!

 and this city is one of the most dog friendly I've ever been to. Dogs are welcome on trails and downtown as long as they're leashed and not unruly. 

Anna loves living in a dog-friendly city. It's beneficial to her happiness. She gets to go a lot of places!

In fact quite a few businesses are dog friendly, including a place to eat downtown. Dogs welcome on the patio at your table!
Ok now that I've gone off on a rant of my love for this place.... There's what I'm thinking about for the day. I am extremely blessed and lucky here!

Thursday, May 1, 2014


I stepped inside the fall of the water.
I let the warmth absorb into my skin~
I allowed it to sink deeper, into my muscles
Deeper still, into my soul

The salt from tears
the ache of pain
dirt of the daily grind
a buildup of negative grime

I let it root into the negative energy
I closed my eyes and lifted my head skyward
And I gave up

I gave it all to the water
It washed away from my skin
rolling towards the ground-
to sink back into the great Mother.

I stepped free, cleansed.
As a phoenix from the ashes.
For the phoenix must die an excruciating death engulfed in the pain of flame

In order to burst forth from the dust, ash, and debris in all its glory.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Love what you do


I happen to be a city dweller that loves my job.  I don't get paid much (11$ hourly) but I enjoy the accessibility of the job I work. I'm at a shipping warehouse. My job is basically documenting loads that come and go.

I get to talk to a diverse group of people because our drivers are from all over. This means a bit of socializing. But I'm also alone during down time which is usually at least 3 hours out of an 8 hour work day. I am unsupervised at all times, and don't report to anyone. In a way I am my own supervisor.

What's really nice is that I work literally 20 - 30 feet from where I park my van. I can get anything I need from it at all times. And inside our workplace is a small fridge that myself and coworkers share (there's a grand total of 5 of us) and a microwave. The bathroom is inside the facility but we can use it whenever needed. There's also a water fountain outside the bathroom that has bio uv filtered water. I pretty much don't have to leave to do anything other than sleep. Everything is right here, and on my off days I stock up on water before my last shift. (I prefer it to the more chlorinated water available throughout the city)

There's also a large break room up front with a sink for washing dishes and several coolers you can store your food in. We have a cleaning crew that cleans up there though so I always worry they will throw my food out. I don't typically use those coolers. I do wash my dishes every day in there since they have soap and towels.

mini fridge

It makes life easy. I leave my milk at work because everyone leaves it alone. Usually a gallon a week I get. I can drink it whenever when I'm on shift. I can keep a few dishes in my car for microwaving food whenever and can easily wash them inside. Life is easy. I have everything right here for a comfortable work week. And I can't complain about the view..

mini fridge

On my left side is a forested area with plenty of wildlife next to the train tracks (I see coyote, deer, and rabbits in abundance throughout the year!). In front of me I have a sunset view daily..then I can monitor our trucks by looking behind me and our building is on my right.

I've also got a handful of regular drivers that feed me. I'm not sure why. One is from cuba, he brings me Cuban crackers and chicken to eat with. Then he brings a whole roasted chicken sometimes and sits down to eat with me. My coworker goes to get chicken sandwiches down the road 3 days a week and refuses to let me buy. And several other drivers bring me candy bars and little snacks. It's not because of my situation either. I think it's because they are from different cultures and "skinny" means underfed. I know one of my Cubans told me I look as though I need to eat more!

I barely buy food for myself, I typically only have to feed myself on my off days during the weekend.

I've got it pretty easy. I finally found a place I love to work. I've been here two years now, and hope I get to stay even longer.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Clean water and peace

creek in Tennessee

I am fortunate to live on the eastern side of the states. Where I am, there is lots of forest and beautiful hiking trails. Lexi and I often go for walks through the forest. We have a favorite place to go that is only a 10 minute drive from where we stay- It's a long trail with a creek paralleling most of the hike. I used to spend many hours in this one little "pool" of the stream with my sister. We would meditate, play, and it is where I learned to love my body for the first time.

I am a big advocator that nature is something we all need. It is our root, and we need to connect to it. Since many of us live in a city we are subject to a lot of societal standards. One of which is beauty. I had always felt ugly in general and was never happy with my body. After a few months of going to this place, I began to love myself. My sister always would get naked and swim in the pool (it's fairly remote) but I would wear my swimsuit and be amazed at how beautiful she was naked. I had such an admiration for her, and I always looked up to her. She was my idol. My big sis!

It was a couple months of regular visits to the creek when she suggested I take my swimsuit off. "The top is a's going to hurt your neck. You shouldn't have that much pressure on your neck. Halters are so bad for your posture!" She talked me into getting naked. I never looked back. We swam there naked at least 3 times a week, and meditated naked. I felt like taking that last bit of clothing off was my last reserve. My last hold on what society had dictated to me.

I became one with nature, and one with the Goddess. I was not born with a swimsuit on. I was born naked, whole, and vulnerable. But through that vulnerability I learned to trust. I trusted the water, I trusted nature.... I trusted momma, the Goddess.

Now when I need peace I visit there. I shed my clothes and along with them I shed my fears and doubts. I leave the city life and society behind. I commune with momma through nature.

I commune with the water and I realize we are siblings. For my blood is made with water.

I commune with the wind, because without the movement of air the very air I breathe may become stagnant.

I commune with the dirt, I sink my feet in the mud and realize that this is where I came from and where I shall return one day.

I become one with her creation and I can commune with Her.

creek in Tennessee