Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Clean water and peace

creek in Tennessee

I am fortunate to live on the eastern side of the states. Where I am, there is lots of forest and beautiful hiking trails. Lexi and I often go for walks through the forest. We have a favorite place to go that is only a 10 minute drive from where we stay- It's a long trail with a creek paralleling most of the hike. I used to spend many hours in this one little "pool" of the stream with my sister. We would meditate, play, and it is where I learned to love my body for the first time.

I am a big advocator that nature is something we all need. It is our root, and we need to connect to it. Since many of us live in a city we are subject to a lot of societal standards. One of which is beauty. I had always felt ugly in general and was never happy with my body. After a few months of going to this place, I began to love myself. My sister always would get naked and swim in the pool (it's fairly remote) but I would wear my swimsuit and be amazed at how beautiful she was naked. I had such an admiration for her, and I always looked up to her. She was my idol. My big sis!

It was a couple months of regular visits to the creek when she suggested I take my swimsuit off. "The top is a halter...it's going to hurt your neck. You shouldn't have that much pressure on your neck. Halters are so bad for your posture!" She talked me into getting naked. I never looked back. We swam there naked at least 3 times a week, and meditated naked. I felt like taking that last bit of clothing off was my last reserve. My last hold on what society had dictated to me.

I became one with nature, and one with the Goddess. I was not born with a swimsuit on. I was born naked, whole, and vulnerable. But through that vulnerability I learned to trust. I trusted the water, I trusted nature.... I trusted momma, the Goddess.

Now when I need peace I visit there. I shed my clothes and along with them I shed my fears and doubts. I leave the city life and society behind. I commune with momma through nature.

I commune with the water and I realize we are siblings. For my blood is made with water.

I commune with the wind, because without the movement of air the very air I breathe may become stagnant.

I commune with the dirt, I sink my feet in the mud and realize that this is where I came from and where I shall return one day.

I become one with her creation and I can commune with Her.

creek in Tennessee

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