Saturday, April 19, 2014

Love what you do


I happen to be a city dweller that loves my job.  I don't get paid much (11$ hourly) but I enjoy the accessibility of the job I work. I'm at a shipping warehouse. My job is basically documenting loads that come and go.

I get to talk to a diverse group of people because our drivers are from all over. This means a bit of socializing. But I'm also alone during down time which is usually at least 3 hours out of an 8 hour work day. I am unsupervised at all times, and don't report to anyone. In a way I am my own supervisor.

What's really nice is that I work literally 20 - 30 feet from where I park my van. I can get anything I need from it at all times. And inside our workplace is a small fridge that myself and coworkers share (there's a grand total of 5 of us) and a microwave. The bathroom is inside the facility but we can use it whenever needed. There's also a water fountain outside the bathroom that has bio uv filtered water. I pretty much don't have to leave to do anything other than sleep. Everything is right here, and on my off days I stock up on water before my last shift. (I prefer it to the more chlorinated water available throughout the city)

There's also a large break room up front with a sink for washing dishes and several coolers you can store your food in. We have a cleaning crew that cleans up there though so I always worry they will throw my food out. I don't typically use those coolers. I do wash my dishes every day in there since they have soap and towels.

mini fridge

It makes life easy. I leave my milk at work because everyone leaves it alone. Usually a gallon a week I get. I can drink it whenever when I'm on shift. I can keep a few dishes in my car for microwaving food whenever and can easily wash them inside. Life is easy. I have everything right here for a comfortable work week. And I can't complain about the view..

mini fridge

On my left side is a forested area with plenty of wildlife next to the train tracks (I see coyote, deer, and rabbits in abundance throughout the year!). In front of me I have a sunset view daily..then I can monitor our trucks by looking behind me and our building is on my right.

I've also got a handful of regular drivers that feed me. I'm not sure why. One is from cuba, he brings me Cuban crackers and chicken to eat with. Then he brings a whole roasted chicken sometimes and sits down to eat with me. My coworker goes to get chicken sandwiches down the road 3 days a week and refuses to let me buy. And several other drivers bring me candy bars and little snacks. It's not because of my situation either. I think it's because they are from different cultures and "skinny" means underfed. I know one of my Cubans told me I look as though I need to eat more!

I barely buy food for myself, I typically only have to feed myself on my off days during the weekend.

I've got it pretty easy. I finally found a place I love to work. I've been here two years now, and hope I get to stay even longer.

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