Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Just touching base

I haven't had a lot of time on my hands this last week. A friend came to stay from California and I've been all over the place! But I thought I'd just write a "thoughtful" for today.

My favorite hiking spot. The creek was a bit high this week. And that current in the middle doesn't look strong, but boy it is!

My city is beautiful. There is a wonderful river and mountains with hiking trails. It's all very scenic and lovely. I've been getting back to local things. Eating at non chain restaurants and enjoying my benefits of being in this city. A nice trip to the creek with my girl Lexi and my friend have been very relaxing for me. 

Lexi always enjoys a nice day of swimming and water fetch.

I think this is the ideal city for anyone wanting both city benefits and rural beauty.
I can hit my gym anytime 24/7, work in a non stressed environment with very little supervision, go to a hiking trail within 30 minutes driving distance and spend the day there...

I get great sunset views from work! Especially since I'm in a big glass box!

 and this city is one of the most dog friendly I've ever been to. Dogs are welcome on trails and downtown as long as they're leashed and not unruly. 

Anna loves living in a dog-friendly city. It's beneficial to her happiness. She gets to go a lot of places!

In fact quite a few businesses are dog friendly, including a place to eat downtown. Dogs welcome on the patio at your table!
Ok now that I've gone off on a rant of my love for this place.... There's what I'm thinking about for the day. I am extremely blessed and lucky here!

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