Sunday, June 22, 2014

Storms bring a beautiful sunrise

A full rainbow after one of our worst storms!

I have mentioned before that where I work is basically a 10x10 glass box, with windows on all sides. I have my little desk area and some home comfort things such as a fridge, microwave, and a coffee maker. The glass box aspect makes for things to be pretty frightening during large storms with a lot of lightning. I have learned to enjoy the sound and the rain though.

A little half rainbow, almost not visible. It is to the left side.

I am in tune with nature, I like to think, and I enjoy everything about Her. The rain, the smell of ozone, and the brilliant flashes of lightning during storms. I also love the roll of thunder. It is all very peaceful to me, and I get to observe it all from the shelter of my box at work. We have had many storms this past two weeks, and I find comfort that I have everything I need in my van (only about 20 feet from my box I work in).

So many pretty colors after a storm!

What I do love the most, is that it seems every storm has brought a gorgeous sunset. I have been taking pictures of them and just reveling in the colors. A couple of the storms have even brought full rainbows.

This night in particular, the sky change deeper before it got a lighter pink. You can see my van and my best friend's truck here!
Later from the first picture, the sky kept changing!
After a storm passed, I loved this picture! (And of course, it's right over my van!)
With all the storms has come the behaviour of the animals. All the crows in our area get low to the ground when the storms are getting ready to come in. We have a resident red tail hawk, raven, several crows, a mother coyote and her pups, and many MANY deer. I have started feeding the raven cherries, orange slices, bits of white bread, and lemon slices. (Mostly whatever I'm eating, which happens to be a lot of fruit) He has become very friendly and hangs out right outside the guard shack waiting on me now. Right before storms he comes and sits under the wing of my little box to keep dry! We have named him Koga.
My raven, Koga.

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