Friday, March 6, 2015

Living with the yankees

Well it's official. I have arrived and secured a job in Hartford, Connecticut. I am currently staying at a motel with my animals and hoping to find a 2 bedroom house to rent with my sister soon. The job is full of benefits and bonuses so I am very excited to get started up here.

I stayed in Knoxville, TN for 4 days. Got snowed in at a friend's house..but it was enjoyable spending time with her as I know that I'll be too far to just drop in anymore.

Then I made it halfway through Virginia before getting too sleepy and decided to stay overnight at a rest stop. Virginia was beautiful and each day that I journied further north it got colder and whiter...more snow!

The next stop was Long Island, NY. I stayed there 2 days with a friend. He refused to let me pay for anything so that was helpful also.

The last step was to go to CT. I needed a motel that was affordable but pet friendly. I almost gave up hope as several of them didn't have trailer parking, even for my little 5x8 because of the snow. Finally I found one with parking and settled in and paid for 2 weeks there.

Our room is pretty nice. I wish it had a microwave..but thankfully if worse comes to worse I have my sister and her roommates 30 minutes away. I've gone there to enjoy socializing and eating.

I explored the town a little bit today. People told me I wouldn't be able to get around here ok with a trailer but I have managed just fine. I also haven't felt unsafe. Of course my trailer is bolt locked..but the local police do their paperwork in the motel parking lot where I stay. I have seen more than 10 cops in 2 days so I feel pretty safe.


  1. good move.

    ice cream raz

  2. It definitely feels like I'm on the right track to good things. :)