Saturday, March 14, 2015

Semi-permanent residence

I'm staying at a pet friendly hotel with my animals. Most of my belongings are still tucked safely away in my trailer with the exception of daily needs and season appropriate clothes.
I've gotten a better feel for this town, the population is about 12,000. The police do paperwork in our parking lot and there is steady flow of people in and out. It feels safe enough. I keep everything locked tightly but I am getting used to the city sounds. It was very difficult to sleep at first. I wish there was an option to just live in my van but the cold is more than the pets can safely handle.
So far there have been no troubles getting about with my trailer anywhere. Work is downtown in the state capitol but we have security guarded parking and I am well known now so it is safe left there.
The hotel is a big dent in my funds, but careful spending will allow me to stay here indefinitely until I find a home.
Despite the cost, I am pretty happy here. I like the town, and so far I'm enjoying work, and getting to see my sister often. I've noticed I take much better care of myself. It's strange how being happy does that to you. I fix my hair daily.. wear makeup regularly, and I used to never care whether I was out in pajamas or not... I was kind of sloppy outside of work. Here I always check that I am appropriately dressed in case I run into any coworkers or opportunities to make good impressions.
The animals are happy, my only issue is the weather has made a huge dent on the exercise the dogs are getting. I realize this is a problem so I bought them more toys and try to keep them playing and busy.
Overall we are doing well, and adjusting quickly. Especially since socializing with my sister is so frequent now. Here's us having tea!

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