Monday, March 20, 2017

The lost heart

Koh Tao

I lost my heart to the sea a long time ago


When I was young
Before I had worries or cares
Before I lost my innocent views of the world


As an adult I could not understand the reason I was only able to sleep
When documentaries about the ocean played in the background

creek in Tennessee

I could not understand why the only time I was at peace
was near waterfalls and creeks, or any where that water spoke to me

beach walk

I strolled a beach in Rhode Island one day
and I heard it calling me
telling me to come home

Koh Tao

So I went to visit
far away in a foreign country
and when my knees rested on the ocean floor
I watched boats sail over me

group of grouper

I was a visitor to another world
and my heart said welcome home love
I have missed you terribly


Don't stay away so long
next time?

Moray Eel

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