Q: Sometimes I want to comment on your posts and can't. Why is that?

A: Blogspot is odd, you have to have 3rd party cookies enabled, and often times Firefox won't have that. Either change the setting or use Internet Explorer when you're going to leave a comment. I do apologize for the inconvenience.

Q: I can't find a specific post I'm looking for. How can I search that?

A: I try to tag labels that I think might be useful during search to find those posts. If you have a problem finding a particular post feel free to either comment or e-mail me at middylep @ gmail . com
I will probably be able to help you locate the post, if you include the search terms you used- I will add them to the post so you can find it easier in the future too.

Q: I need help and/or have a question not listed here. How do I find the answer?

A: Send me an e-mail at middylep @ gmail . com and I will reply as quickly as possible to help you find the solution.

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